Welcome to Calstock School, where every day is a new day for learning – for all of us!

Set high on the Cornish bank of the river Tamar, we are part of our small but vibrant local community, surrounded by the beautiful Tamar Valley with its rich cultural heritage. For us, education is about nurturing creativity and inquisitiveness. School must welcome children to a community of learning, broaden horizons, and provide the knowledge, skills and confidence to flourish in the wider world.

Have a look around our website, and get in touch if there is anything you'd like to find out more about, or if you want to get involved. 

I look forward to meeting you.

Ben Towe

About the school

People are at the heart of Calstock School: our children, teachers and staff, families and friends are what makes our school special. We are very lucky to enjoy the most enviable view from our playground and draw inspiration from the beauty and heritage of our village as well as the many people who have chosen to make Calstock their home. 

More recently (in 2014) we federated with nearby Stoke Climsland School to pool our expertise and resources to weather a challenging and ever-changing educational landscape together. We have made some exciting changes to our curriculum, but remain committed to our ethos and values. We continue to embrace art, music, sports and outdoor learning alongside traditional academic subjects to harness our children's many and varied talents and interests. We encourage independent and critical thinking and recognise all effort and achievements across the national curriculum and beyond.