Class 3 Trip to Cotehele

On Thursday 14th June, Class 3 put on their walking boots and made their way to Cotehele for a day of outdoor learning.

The day was organised by Mrs Whitney, Miss Downing and Jamie from Cotehele.

The children had great fun den building, drawing wild flowers, pond dipping and whittling sticks. They also made memory sticks as they walked through the meadow and admired the wild flowers and statues. At the end of the day the children let off some steam in the playground where they could climb, swing and roam. Finally, they all sat round the fire drinking hot chocolate and eating marshmallows before heading back to school.

A big thank you to all who organised this special day and to all those who helped make it possible.

The Big Schools' Birdwatch 2018

The Big Schools' Birdwatch is a survey, which takes place during the first half of spring term (2 January – 23 February), is the biggest wildlife survey in schools. Children are asked to spend just one hour watching and recording the birds in their outdoor space, then send their results to the RSPB.

Big Schools’ Birdwatch is a fun and educational activity and it provides valuable information on how some of our familiar birds are doing.

It also gives children an opportunity to get outside, experience and learn about the nature local to them. The decline in children’s access to nature in the last three generations is well evidenced. And yet research shows that when children are connected to nature it has a positive impact on their education, physical health, emotional wellbeing, and their personal and social skills.

What did we see?

Birds spotted: blackbirds, house sparrows, blue tits, robins, songthrushes, chaffinches, collard doves, jackdaws, wood pigeons, great tits and goldfinches.

The total number of birds seen was 20.

The results were then submitted on the Big School's Birdwatch website at

A big thank you to Mrs Whitney for organising and running this event. The children thoroughly enjoyed bird spotting and recording their findings.