Music & Arts at Calstock

We value the arts and performance as part of the wider curriculum, and make every opportunity to give children the space and confidence to develop and express their creativity.

Without blowing our own trumpet, there are some pretty talented children at Calstock! We're lucky to have a number of staff who play musical instruments (Accordion, Clarinet, Guitar) and plenty of musical parents too. We have regular piano, violin and percussion teachers visit the school, and encourage all students to make the most of the opportunities on offer.  


Many children take lessons both in and out of school, and play to a high standard, often playing for the whole school in assemblies.


A number of students also play violin. A specialist teacher comes in once a week to teach individuals or small groups.

Diverse performance

We start young!

Many thanks to parents Tim and Suzy Hardy for their wonderful work on the new outdoor play and musical area for class 1.

A class 2 student performs a violin piece she has been learning.




In our Sharing Assemblies parents, grandparents, friends and carers come to see some of the wonderful things the children have been doing. This gives the children the opportunity to show case some of their many talents.

We have many musically talented children at Calstock School and as well as performances on the violin, children also sang, played the drums, the piano and the recorder. Well done to all those children who took part, it takes a lot of courage to stand up in front of everyone and perform.