Sport at Calstock

Sports and physical activity are a key part of the week at Calstock school. We value the strength, confidence and independence that sports, games, and active play bring to our children. PE is a valued part of the curriculum.

Our afterschool clubs (netball, football, athletics, cross country) are well attended, and for some the annual sports day is the highlight of the year! For a small school we (metaphorically) punch above our weight! 

We also value the gentler arts, and encourage children to take a rounded perspective on physical activity. We have begun an orienteering club – giving children the skills to explore the fantastic wild spaces on our doorstep.

Sports clubs 

High Fives Netball
For Key Stage 2 pupils after school in the Autumn and Spring Term. This club, which is well attended, is run by Mrs Liddicott, our sports coach

For all children at lunch times and after school in the Autumn and Spring Term. This club is run by Mrs Liddicott, our sports coach. The football team itself take part in area competitions.

This club is run after school in the Spring Term by our sports coach, Mrs Liddicott.

For all children after school in the Summer Term. This club is run by Mrs Liddicott, our sports coach.

For all children after school in the Summer Term. This club is run by Mrs Liddicott.

For year 1 to year 6 children at lunch times in the Summer Term. This club is run by Mrs Liddicott, our sports coach. 

Other clubs and activities

Playground Leaders
Each day our Playground Leaders – the older children from Class 3 – volunteer to run clubs and activities for Foundation and Key Stage 1 children at lunch time. These include multi-skills and circle games.

Harmonica Club is run for all of the children who wish to attend by Mr Pengelly on a Wednesday lunchtime. The children also get the chance to perform at school events throughtout the year.

Chess club 
Chess Club takes place on a Thursday after school and is run by Mr Jenkins and Mr Hendin. The club is open to all ages.        

Lego club
Lego Club is run by Mrs Copson-Ball on a Tuesday lunchtime and is open to all year groups. The club gives the children the opportunity to express their creative side, to work as a team or on a solo project.   

Bananagrams, run by Miss Downing, is a game for any number of players. The children collect lettered squares from the Bunch and make words which can run either horizontally or vertically, reading left to right, or top to bottom. The children play independently and all at the same time. When all the tiles have been used from the Bunch, the winner is the first person to use up all their tiles and to shout Bananas! The club runs on a Tuesday lunchtime.



Get involved!

Parents and the wider community are the key to our success. In recent years parents have helped organise clubs and other activities in basketball, yoga, athletics and many others. If you have a passion for sport you'd like to share or would like to help with our after school clubs please contact Tina Liddicott.

Calstock Netball Team (A)

Calstock Netball Team (B)

Zero Gravity Gymnastics Festival

Mrs Liddicott kindly organised for a selection of pupils, of different ages, to attend this event. The aim of Zero Gravity is to provide, teach and actively encourage teamwork, sportsmanship, imagination, confidence, fundamental skills and self-belief. The event helps children to realise that there is more to sport than just exercise.

The children had a fantastic day. A big thank you to Mrs Liddicott and to Mrs Oxenham who helped transport the children to this event.

Kwik Cricket Cornish Champions

Running for Cancer Research

Calstock Football Team

Sports day

Parents relax during lunch at sports day.