Lego Club

Lego Club is run by Mrs Copson-Ball on a Tuesday after school and is open to all year groups. The club gives the children the opportunity to express their creative side, to work as a team or on a solo project.   

This week: Angus, Ben, William M. and Zak made an elephant transporter, Yamato made a car, Musashi made a car roller, Jevan made a pie maker, Charlie made a boat, Zak also made a racing car and car park, Brendon made a house and Hal made a car with a shelter with round windows.

Bananagrams is a game for any number of players. The children collect lettered squares from the Bunch and make words which can run either horizontally or vertically, reading left to right, or top to bottom. The children play independently and all at the same time. When all the tiles have been used from the Bunch, the winner is the first person to use up all their tiles and to shout Bananas! 

Can you beat Mrs Copson-Ball?


We have been learning the art of paper folding and have created some wonderful things with the help of Jenny Yoshihara-Coles.

Puppet Making

With Miss Downing, we have been learning how to make animal finger puppets from scratch. It's fiddly work, but great fun.