Summer Term 2018


Dear parents, carers and children

Welcome back to school for the last term of the year. We hope you enjoyed your Easter break.

In class 3, Mrs Yates will continue to teach on Wednesday mornings. Mrs Cherington will be the teaching assistant Monday - Thursday. Mrs Sutcliff is our teaching assistant on Fridays.

All the children will need their P.E. kit in school daily. This half term our P.E. lessons are on a Monday and Wednesday afternoons. Homework will continue to go out weekly on a Friday and is due in the following Friday. Spellings will also go out on a Friday and will be tested on the subsequent Friday.

If you wish to discuss anything, or have any questions, please come and talk to us.

Yours sincerely

Miss Downing       Mrs Yates      Mrs Cherrington     Ms Sutcliff

Roman Mosaics

Class 3 have been studying the Romans and have been creating their own Roman inspired Mosaics.

Summer Term June/July

Roman Chariots

Class 3 have been researching, designing and making Roman Chariots in their D.T. classes this half of term.

They watched scenes from Ben Hur and found out about Roman Chariot Racing. They looked at chariot design, how the axels worked and constructed working models. Throughout the process of development they modified their designs, making improvements and altering aspects that didnt quite work. The children completed a design booklet detailing their ideas, materials needed, problems they encountered and how they overcame these.

Having completed their models, the children took them into the playground to race.

Finally to complete the project, the children evaluated their designs and looked at:

What went well? 

What could they have done to improve their design?

Roman Chariots

Designing a model chariot

Chariot Racing

Young Enterprise Fiver Challenge

The children in class 3 have been taking part in the Fiver Challenge. The challenge lasts for a month and has four weekly and a national competition. The challenge is to work in small groups to set-up a team company and to decide if you would like to provide a product or a service to customers. The aim is to try and make as much profit as possible.

Each team received a £5 pledge to help get them started and to buy any materials needed.


Week 1: Best Logo Design Competition.

Week 2: Sales Pitch Competition.

Week 3: Advertisement Competition.

Week 4: Pop Up Shop Competition.

The National Fiver Competition 2018

To enter this the children, in their teams, need to complete a logbook journal for submission. The winners will be invited to a National Awards event in London in September this year.

The children have really enjoyed this challenge. They have come up with some excellent money making ideas and have been organised and very self sufficient. They have worked well as part of a team, listening to each others feedback and ideas. So far, it has been an excellent experience and lovely to have mixed year groups of children working together. 

The teams have just completed Week 4 and the final totals have yet to be counted. The next stage is for them to complete their logbooks and submit their final figures. 

At the end of the challenge the teams decide what to do with any profit they have made, spend it or donate it.

Watch this space to find out who the winners are and if we have won the National Fiver Competition or any of the Weekly Competitions.

Good Luck


The children made a profit of £161.17 over the two days that they ran their Pop Up Shops. You have done a fantastic job. Well done to all those who took part and to those who supported this event.

A Splash of Colour

 The Mystery Shack

The Little Stars

Bargain Bikes

Ask the Jar