Welcome to class 3

Spring Term 2018


As part of Class 3's Ancient Egyptian topic, we have been creating canopic jars - the jars that the organs were placed in before bodies were mummified. The organs that were kept in jars were: the intestines, the stomach, the liver and the lungs. Interestingly, the brain was discarded - not known for any particular use. The heart (being very important) was put back in to the body once the body had been preserved.
Class 3 researched the different god's heads that were placed on top of the canopic jars. We then designed our god's head, which we would later make out of clay.
First things first, we asked people to eat a lot of Pringles!
Then, we covered the pots in gold paper, using papier mache techniques.
Once that was dry, we painted over the gold paper in thinned, black acrylic paint.
We left that to dry, and later decorated our canopic jars with hieroglyphics and other ancient Egyptian decoration.  
Finally, we came back to our god's heads, and formed our clay tops, painting them with metallic paints to complete our canopic jars.

World War 2

The children created WW2 scenes using different mediums and designed 'Dig for Victory' posters.