In science, with Mrs Yates, class 3 have been investigating materials. 

They looked at chemical reactions and saw that new products could be created.

They separated mixtures using magnets, filtering and sieving.

The lessons were very exciting and the children enjoyed experimenting and exploring different methods of investigation.

The school have been lucky enough to have microscopes on loan from RMS.

Class 3 looked at all sorts of samples including: sand, sugar, seeds, herbs, sponge, coins and shells.

The wasp was particularly scary when magnified!

The children also observed solutions of tea, coffee, oats and sugar.

They then drew in detail what they saw.

The children worked in groups of two or three.

They focused their microscopes until the images were clear.

The children then drew in detail what they saw.

The class favourite was the wasp, as it looked quite scary when magnified.