Spring Term 2018

Welcome to the first half of the Spring Term. 

Our Topic for this half term is Space. During the first week back, we will find out what the children already know about space and discus what we facts and information they would like to find out about space. 

Alongside our topic work we will be covering the following topics in these subject areas:

  • Literacy:
    • Using the space theme, we will investigate and write non-fiction texts and space themed stories.  
  • Phonics:
    • This half term we will focus our attention on Fred talking and blending sounds to make words.
  • Science- Ourselves
    • How we have changed
    • Look at our bodies
    • Using our senses
  • History
    • Significant astronauts (Neil Armstrong, Tim Peake & others we choose to find out about)
    • Child initiated investigations
  • Geography
    • Identifying continents
    • Investigating different countries
    • Creating country fact files
  • Computing
    • Online safety
    • Making sound tracks and recording music
    • Stop motion animation
  • D.T. & Art
    • Investigating space travel
    • Designing a space rockets
    • Evaluating our own and each other’s space rockets.
  • R.E. & PSHE
    • Recognising feeling in others
    • Classroom rules. Discussing likes and dislikes and how to make changes
    • Team building
  • Music
    • Exploring tone and rhythm
    • Creating sound effects
  • P.E.
    • Fundamental movement and ball handling skills
    • Swimming