School Development Plan

Federation Development Plan 2017-19

Key issues for improvement:

  1. To focus on the intervention of particular, identified groups or cohorts of pupils, as appropriate, through analysis of ‘Closing the Gap’ and other relevant data by SLT.
  2. To develop and enhance the quality of identified provision within writing across the Federation.
  3. To introduce a broad, balanced, engaging and creative curriculum across the Federation.
  4. To refine, update and improve the schools’ tracking, performance and data analysis.
  5. To develop best and next practice within the Federation and other local schools.

Further key areas for sustained and strategic development:

  1. To introduce and embed a mastery approach across the curriculum.
  2. To maintain high quality practice in safeguarding.
  3. To improve the provision of computing and IT for staff, pupils and other stakeholders.
  4. To develop global learning within the Federation.


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