Our Inspection Report

Ofsted last inspected Calstock in January 2017 and found the school to be good. The summary of the report noted that:

  • The executive headteacher is fervently committed to inclusion.  She has created an ambitious culture in the school. Confidence is widespread.  Consequently, pupils are empowered to achieve.
  • The governing body holds the school firmly to account.  It knows the school well and works successfully to bring about further improvement.
  • Leaders work across the two schools in the federation.  They provide effective support for teachers at Calstock in planning the curriculum.  As a result, teachers' assessments are accurate and pupils make good progress.
  • The effective leadership of special educational needs and close work with other agencies ensure that pupils who have special educational needs and/or disabilities make good progress.  Parents are effusive about the support their children receive.
  • Leaders have provided effective staff training so that staff have the knowledge and skills to support pupils' personal development and welfare.  Consequently, pupils feel confident to share their concerns and staff are alert to their needs.
  • Disadvantaged pupils make good progress from their starting points and often acheive better outcomes than other pupils nationally.
  • Teachers engender a love of reading.  Consequently, more children achieve high standards compared with the national average.
  • Pupils' vocabulary choice in writing reflects their wide reading and flair in the use of language.  However, weaker technical accuracy of punctuation, grammar, spelling and handwriting impairs the quality of pupils' writing.
  • Good teaching and an exciting curriculum enable children to get off to a good start in the early years.  Their writing, however, is not as strong as the other areas of development.
  • Leaders have been effective in improving the overall attendance of pupils.  Pupils say that they enjoy school.  However, although attendance is improving, leaders have more work to do to ensure that more pupils attend school on time.
  • Parents are overwhelmingly positive about the school.  Typically, the responses celebrates how well the staff know their children.  Parents are particularly pleased with the strong feeling of belonging and community that leaders engender. 

Ofsted identified that to improve further we need to:

  • Improve the quality of the teaching of writing to raise pupils' achievement by ensuring that:
    - teachers have sufficiently high expectations of pupils' punctuation, grammar and spelling
    - there is a greater consistency of high expectation in the teaching of handwriting across the school
    - pupils review and edit their work thoroughly
    - in the early years, children develop the necessary mark making and early writing skills.
  • Improve pupils' punctuality to maximise learning time.

A full copy of our inspection report can be downloaded by using the link below.

File icon: pdf Calstock Community Primary School 10025145 [pdf 222KB] Click to download

Parent View

We welcome parent views about our school.  If you would like to give your views online, you can do so through the Ofsted Parent View website link Parent View Ofsted