Global Learning

At Calstock School we believe in Global Learning. 

Global Learning is concerned with exploring the connections between people and places around the world. We encourage the children to observe the similarities and differences that exist around our world today and relate these to our own lives. 


Our aims:

  • In order to become globally aware we are discussing the ways in which our lives are similar to and different from those who live in other countries.
  • We share the world with an incredible, diverse range of people and we are looking at ways in which prejudice, injustice and discrimination can be challenged.
  • We are using research and our own critical thinking skills to understand the global context of our own lives.
  • We are critically examining our own values and attitudes.

Question of the Week

Each week a different question is asked and the children are encouraged to respond with their own thoughts and ideas. These are then displayed for others to read and discuss.