Calstock CP School's Ethos and Values


  • we all work together to create a happy, caring and stimulating environment for learning;
  • we aim to teach well and encourage excellence in all staff and pupils;
  • we support each person in developing his/her full potential;
  • we believe that each individual should be valued and relationships based on mutual respect;
  • we believe that we should live our values and that good manners are vital;
  • we believe in good communication;
  • we believe in consistent, high expectations;
  • we believe that success should be celebrated;
  • we foster a sense of community;
  • we believe that every day is a new day.

Personal Qualities

  • to provide a happy, caring and stimulating environment for learning which enables each child to gain satisfaction from his/her own achievements;
  • to develop a sense of awe and wonder, imagination and an emotional response to beauty and culture.
  • to provide a broad, creative and balanced curriculum and excellent teaching that will enable each child to reach his/her full potential through continuous improvement.

Attitudes to Learning

  • to develop lively and inquiring minds, love of learning and the ability to work independently and with other people;
  • to develop communication skills throughout the school environment and beyond.


  • to help pupils develop a sense of community and to value and respect everyone as an individual regardless of religion, culture or ethnicity;
    to provide role-models to enable the child to acquire a set of values on which to base his/her future.