Reception 2020

Due to the current circumstances, transition to school in September 2020 may look a little different to previous years. Please rest assured that we will do everything we can to ensure it is a happy one and appropriate for your child.

In this area of our website, you will find resources and ideas you may wish to do with your child. Please do not feel you have to, they are there as suggestions only.

I have also included pictures of the staff who work at Calstock School to help you begin to recognise the team. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions regarding your chid starting school in September.  

Meet the Team

Ideas to support the transition to school.

The BBC website has many videos and activities to help you child with the transition to school. 

Preparing your child for school

File icon: pdf t-c-1061-preparing-your-child-for-school-a-guide-for-parents-and-guardians-leaflet-_ver_3 [pdf 144KB] Click to download

Name Writing Activities 

Learning to write their name is a great activity to prepare for starting school. Write their name big and ask your child to draw over the lines.