On Wednesday 4th July, the whole school had a visit from Mr Copson and his children. Mrs Copson-Ball's brother and family were visiting from New Zealand. They kindly offered to come into school to carry out a fun experiment during assembly. Mr Copson is also a teacher in New Zealand and teaches Physics.

Mr Copson's Gloop

Solid, liquid or gas?

Somethings are not quite so easy to categorise. Such materials are referred to as non Newtonian, which means that they do not obey the regular laws of physics.

Mr Copson, with the aid of some helpers, showed the children what he meant. The children then got themselves into small groups and had fun making Gloop of their own.

The children found that when they added force to their material it became a solid. Likewise, when no force was added their material remained a liquid. 

Quicksand is an example of a non Newtonian material as the sand particles are suspended in the water, they have not dissolved.

The children had a fantasic time and really enjoyed making their own Gloop.

The children then transferred their Gloop to a large tray and a brave volunteer from each year removed their socks and shoes and walked across the Gloop. This, as well as being great fun, demonstrated that with their weight pushing down on the liquid it did indeed turn to a solid.

A huge thank you to Mr Copson and his children for coming in and to Mrs Copson-Ball for organising it.

Finally, a big thank you to all those who helped on the mammoth clean up and apologies to the parents for the state of some of the children's uniforms! It was all good fun.