Mathematics Masterclass

On Wednesday 6th June, Mrs Cherrington took a group of Year 6 children to a Mathematics Masterclass at Plymouth University.

The children joined their peers from other local schools for a fun packed day of maths.

The day, run by Dr Jenny Sharp, kicked off with some warm up activities to get our maths brains switched on.

The children then took part in three activities:

  1. Co-ordinates. What are they? How do we use them? What is their purpose? The children learnt how to define these precisely using appropriate maths language and how to plot them on a graph. Using specially designed calculators, the children then programmed co-ordinates into their calculators to design pictures.
  2. Maths challenges. The children were presented with 30 maths problems to solve. These they worked through (some easier than others) and when completed they had their record sheet stamped. The aim was to see how many they could complete in an hour.
  3. Tessellations. This activity was run by two university maths students who talked to the children about, what tessellations were and key maths language associated with them. The children then created their own regular tessellations using a variety of different shapes to see which ones worked.

The day finished with some fun games to see who was smarter, girls or boys. Who do you think won?

All the children thoroughly enjoyed the day, so thank you Miss Downing for organising it and Mrs Cherrington for taking them.