On Tuesday 19th June, Jane Weatherby joined Class 3 to talk to the children about India. 

Jane works for a charity called Tamwed which creates links between schools in India and the UK. The year 6s remembered writing letters to children, from a school in India, a few years ago. Jane came to reignite our link with the Havoor School. 

The Havoor school is located in the Tamil Nadu, which is in the Nilgiri Hills area of India. Jane showed the children lots of photos of the area and of the school. The children discussed how school life in the two schools differed.

Jane very kindly brought lots of artefacts for the children to explore and a fun and informative afternoon was had by all.



Items used in Celebrations

Indian Dress

Spices used in India


What a child in India would wear to school and what would be in their school bag.

Everyday items

Items used in the home.

Jane showed us photos of the Havoor School in India and the local area.