What We've Been Doing!


I’ve really enjoyed hearing about some of the things everyone has been up to. Here are some things that people have been doing.

Keely has made an amazing website which shows some of the beautiful nature photos she has taken: www.pippadacosta.wixsite.com/keely

Etta's Viking video
Finley’s Viking Saga
Tilly's Viking video
Martha's Viking video

Jasper's Viking powerpoint

Tilly has been very busy getting out and about:

Viking Runes
Katie and Seren have done these amazing 3D pictures using shading techniques.


Etta has made some tasty Viking bread. She wrote this brilliant explanation of how she did it.

Arlo has made an amazing Viking game!
Back at school - mud cooking in Environmania!
Musashi and Yamato have been making these beautiful Pokemon books.

Musashi and Yamato have been busy making some amazing dinosaurs.
Jemima wrote a captain’s log and made an amazing map to go with it.

Jemima has been busy!

Tilly has been very busy!
Thank you to Jasper for this beautifully coloured picture:
Arlo has done a fantastically detailed symmetrical rocket:
Etta has done a beautiful seascape:
Isabel has made these lovely dolls out pipe cleaners and material: