Dear Parents/Carers,

I hope you are all well. Your child will recently have received a home learning pack. The activities in this pack are based on a mixture of what we would have been studying next week and some revision. If your child finds any of the activities too difficult, please do not worry about completing them. If this happened in class, they would be supported or the activity would be altered. I have included quite a lot of activities in order to give a broad coverage, and there is not an expectation that everything should be completed.

Obviously, your child’s wellbeing and safety is our upmost priority right now: this pack is to keep them ‘ticking over’ in terms of their academic work. If they struggle with anything, if you need any further support, advice or help with anything in the pack, please send me an email at:



  • Time activity to practise digital and analogue time-telling.
  • Bar chart activity to practise presenting time data in graph form.
  • Pictogram activity to practise a different type of data handling (make sure your child checks the key!)
  • Multiplication facts practice (with answers for self-checking) try to do as fast as possible!
  • Multiplication square (as above).


  • Descriptive writing – I would like the children to write an interesting description of the fishing boat scene. Try to include sights sounds and smells, exciting adjectives and similes (as loud as thunder).
  • Rivers comprehension – practice for non-fiction reading and information finding.
  • Uplevelling sentences – practice for creating interesting descriptive sentences (examples are included on the “answers” page.


Science (separate from main pack)

  • A revision activity based on our work on the human body.


  • Please help your children to find out as much as they can about the Cornish fishing industry as this was going to be the focus of our research this week.


  • We have learned about 4 figure grid references and I would like the children to have a go at drawing a map and using the grid to indicate locations using the 4 figure system. They have had one go at this previously, but may need reminding that the reference is always given across then up!


Other activities:

Please encourage your child to do any art or design work that they feel inspired to do (I would love to see anything they come up with!) and please try to keep up regular reading. Accelerated Reader does not allow children to take quizzes at home but it is very good for recommending books to read that are at your child’s level. Also included in the pack is a booklet of practical activities – choose the ones which look the most interesting.  The exercise book in the pack is for any writing/drawing/creative activities that your child would like to do.


Online Suggestions to Support Home Learning



This website is providing free access for parents during the current outbreak of Covid 19.  You will need to sign up using this code:


Twinkl has a vast array of resources, all of which are based on the English National Curriculum. If you put your child’s year group and a subject area into the search, the resources will be of the appropriate level.

In order to consolidate the work we have been doing in class this term, I would recommend the following areas:


Reading Comprehension – a good opportunity to practise reading and locating/inferring answers to text-based questions. There are many examples to choose from (try to choose a subject area that interests your child).

Conjunctions – any activities based on writing sentences/longer pieces while using joining words will be excellent practice.

Speech punctuation – this is another area we have been looking at recently; it is quite tricky and would be a very useful aspect of writing to work on

Story writing/non-fiction writing activities – Twinkl has many prompts for writing stories and information texts about different subjects. Any of these activities will be very good practice for writing.


Time – we are currently studying time so any Twinkl activities based on time telling will be useful. In addition, if you put “time problems” into the search, you will get very useful activities which encourage the children to answer real life questions using their time knowledge.

Addition/subtraction – this will be very useful as revision. “Word problems addition subtraction” will also provide very good reasoning practice.

Multiplication – This has been a major focus this year so all multiplication practice will be very useful. Again, word problems will help children to develop their reasoning skills.


We are currently learning about 4 and 6 figure grid references. Twinkl has a number of activities to help practise this.


Any activities linked to the digestive system and teeth will be very useful.


We have been learning about food vocabulary. Twinkl has a number of activities to help practise this.

Other websites.

Times Table Rockstars: Any time spent practising on this site will be very helpful with rapid recall. Please use this site if you can!

Hit the Button This is another very useful site for practising number facts.

Stop the Clock A time telling game.

Toy Shop Money Game A game for practising working with money.

Accelerated Reader This site can help you track your child’s reading and to recommend other books to read.

In addition to all of this, any research your child would like to carry out on our “Local Produce” topic (we are learning about what Cornwall produces and how our local environment shapes this production) would be fantastic, as would any art/music/cooking or other creative activities they would like to have a go at.

In addition to all of this, any online research your child would like to carry out on our “Local Produce” topic (we are learning about what Cornwall produces and how our local environment shapes this production) would be fantastic.

I hope you are all able to enjoy this extra time at home.

All the best

John Pengelly