Jame's Home-learning Activities: 

Wow James, its looks like you have found some really great activities here. I love your painted pebbles, they look so good. Thanks for sharing. 


Mrs Copson-Ball 

Kensa's Home Learning Activities

Hello Mrs Copson-Ball

Here is my Plucky Pearl adventure and my pirate pet Snapper. A picture of a fish from leaves, flowers, sticks and grass I made for a Beaver challenge. I also made some yummy lollies. Today I found a stick man on our walk!


Hello Kensa

Thank you for sharing your wonderful activities. 

It looks like you has such a lot of fun doing them. 

Thanks for sharing, 

Mrs copson-Ball 


Nancy's Squashed Tomato Challenge

Nancy and her sisters have been doing the squashed tomato challenge.  The challenge was to see how many tomato's we could move 1 meter with out carrying them for 3 minutes.  They built a machine to help.

File icon: html Squashed tomato challenge - Practical Action [html 52KB] Click to download
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Jame's activities:

James had been busy....

Doing an experiment with an egg. Soaked it in vinegar for days to make it bouncy.

Painting pasta, making pirate jewellery. 

Chopping dinner.

Various colouring and drawing.

Dinosaur making.

Playing ludo,

4 mile bike ride most days. 

Cosmos kids yoga.

Ori and Merle's Puppet Theatre

Click to play video.

File icon: mov Video (2) [mov 19MB] Click to download

Charlie's Activities

Charlie and her family had a popcorn tasting session. They had a selection of different flavours and had to try them and try to guess the flavour.

They have also been watching a woodpecker who keeps visiting their garden, along with a whole family of squirrels.

Charlie found parts of a beautiful old vase in the garden during our own pirate treasure hunt.

Charlie and Mummy made granola, it was delicious! 

Lilla's Research Project

This is a picture of Lilla's research and some imagination about Pirate Francis Drake. 

Oliver's Home  Learning

 Oliver loved seeing all his friend's faces this week on Zoom!

He wanted to send in theses pictures of his hook, eye patch and pirate pet (rainbow shell the turtle!). 

Oliver has also spent a lot of time walking and playing at Callington New Bridge (Ollie's new favourite place!) and, along with wading out into the water up to his waist with just a token pair of short wellies on, he's been finding an awful lot of these painted stones that he wanted to share with us.

Oliver and his dad are going to try and paint some for next time they go down there.

Edwin's Home-learning 

Edwin has shared some of the things he has been busy doing at home. In maths, Edwin has been learning groups of 10. He has also written his own sea shanty which he sang to me when I called last week. Thank you so much Edwin, it was lovely to hear and to hear how you have been doing. 

Merryn's Home-learning

Merryn has been busy choosing some pirate tasks from the home learning menu. She has enjoyed her pirate maths book, labelled a ship, drawn a pirate and a pirate pet and learned about Sir Frances Drake. Merryn has also made a plaster hedgehog with sticks collected on her walks. 


Wow Merryn, you have been busy. Thanks for sharing. 

The Further Adventures of Plucky Pearl by Bryher 

Before that she looked after a dragon as she was a doctor. She made him better as she was very clever.


Early one evening, she saw some treasure in her spyglass. She sailed to it and gets all the treasure. But a bad guy comes to get it. But she takes it back by calling people to get her dinghy and she rows it back to her boat.


On a dark, stormy night she saw some dolphins in the sea with her torch. They glowed because of effervescent and made Pearl happy.

Zoe's Amazing Lego Tower

Zoe and her dad constructed this amazing lego tower. 

Alannah's pirate pet for me...

Alannah had great fun making a new parrot pet for the ship! He's called Pete.

And below is a poem Alannah wrote. 


Lilla's Baking

Today Lilla did some baking and cake decorating with her brother and sister.

Yum, yum!

She stirred and measured and dolloped to make some yummy chocolate cakes.

Lilla's Friend 

Lilla met a toad at the allotment today.
We talked about what toads eat and where they live and she set him free knowing that he would be happy.

VE Day Anniversary 

Nancy has been learning about VE day. 

VE Day - or 'Victory in Europe Day' - marks the day towards the end of World War Two (WW2) when fighting against Nazi Germany in Europe came to an end.




On 8 May 1945, Prime Minister Winston Churchill made an announcement on the radio at 3pm that the war in Europe had come to an end, following Germany's surrender the day before. You can find out much more about VE Day on the Newsround webiste: https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/48201749.

VE Day Poem, by Nancy

Thank you for sharing your poem with us Nancy. 


Yasmin has been very busy planting, baking, making a mud kitchen and building a bug hotel.

Yasmin's Yoga

Yasmin is also really enjoying a new dance class which she does via zoom. Great pictures Yasmin, thank you for sharing. 


Angelina has made a pirate had and here is a picture of a new pirate pet for me. 


Thanks Angelina 

Plucky Pearl's next adventure by Solomon 

Solomon has also made a boat for Owl and the Pussy Cat. 

News from Merryn and Edwin

Merryn has been working on some phonics and  Edwin written a book all about pirates. His contents list looks interesting and seems to cover almost all topics, including women pirates which is great. Here he is working on a map of Where Pirates Went. He loves reading the bedtime story to everyone. 

They have also spent some lovely time playing with Isaac and Robyn and enjoying walks and the garden. Next, Merryn and Edwin and the family will  be learning more signs.

Ori's Pirate Polly

Esme's clay model

Long John Lizzie

Barnaby and his work.

Nancy emailed this artwork with the following description: Today I have to painted a Jolly Roger and a pirate picture of an island with treasure and an evil dragon guarding it, with a giant squid and my ship in the back ground.

Esme and Rowan 

Rowan's potion and the priate ship Esme and Rowan made with cardboard boxes. 

Pirate Jay

Barnaby's Pirate Ship


Lilla found a mouse bed at her alotment.