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Week 7 Update

Let's Get Arty! It's our final week of our topic. Here are some of the things we will be doing in school. Feel free to continue your arty creations at home. Please keep sending me pictures of you work. Have a great week everyone.

Week 6 Update

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Thank you 

Week 5 Update

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Class 1

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Week 4 Update

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Class 1

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Week 3 Update

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Class 1

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Week 2 Update

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Class 1

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Summer 2, Letter to Parents


June 1st 2020

Dear Parents and Class 1 pupils



Thank you all so much for joining in with our Pirate topic, I have really enjoyed seeing and hearing about all your amazing creations.

Our new topic for the next half term is ‘Let’s Get Arty’. We will be investigating the work and lives of famous artists, local artists, our favourite artists, finding out about different forms of art and trying out different artistic techniques ourselves. Art is wonderfully broad topic and includes many different opportunities for pupils to follow their own favourites.

As I will be based in school from 1st June, Mrs Hunter will be phoning those of you who continue to be home learning. We will be introducing a new format to our future zoom sessions and I will explain how they will work nearer the time. 

I have created a new Topic Menu for both the children attending school and those continuing to learn at home. Relevant work documents will be available for you to download from our class website page. The new challenge, which if you chose to do, can be  shared and discussed in our next zoom session, is highlighted yellow on the topic menu.

As always, I love to see the work class 1 is doing and I will continue to share photographs on our school website.  Please continue to email me at

Please remember, if you have any concerns or questions I am happy to help in any way I can, drop me an email and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.


Let’s Get Arty!

All the best


Sally Copson-Ball

Summer 2, Home Learning Menu

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Class 1

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Summer 1 Menu and Updates

Week 6 update (w/c 18 .5.20)

Thank you so much for sharing your creations and activities that you have been doing to keep busy.  

What an amazing variety of fun things you have been doing. In case you fancy a go at some of the things you saw, here is a list to inspire you:

Build a Lego tower

Build a bug hotel

Write a sea shanty

Make a miniature garden

Make a puppet theatre


Find a toad friend

Make a hedgehog

Paint story stones

Build a boat

Make a short film

Bake a cake


Remember to send photographs and I will put them on the website as soon as possible.   Email me:

Next week


I found easy to print booklets for different year groups if you are interested (adult support will be required to explain the different tasks):

Year 2 Maths Work booklet    Year 1 Maths Work booklet      Reception Maths (PDF saved on out school website)



File icon: pdf Week 6 update [pdf 669KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf T-T-11861-Minibeast-Themed-KS1-Maths-Activity-Book [pdf 5MB] Click to download



It was lovely to hear your Further Adventure of Plucky Pearl the Pirate, thank you. This week, you can choose one of the writing prompt pictures, displayed here, to write about. You can use the picture as stimulus to write a story, postcard, instructions, recipe, letter, poem, sea shanty or newspaper article.




As this topic is nearing the end, this is your chance to have a go at any pirate activities you haven’t yet tried. For example you could: make a treasure map; build  pirate ship; sew a pirate map; dress up; create a book of pirate information; write a pirate diary, make a pirate hook. 

Another idea could be to make a pirate finger puppet!  See for an easy-to-make idea!

Please remember, if you need any help or support, do contact me and I will do my best to help.

Best wishes for the week ahead,

Mrs Copson-Ball

Week 5 update: 11.5.20


Dear Class 1

I hope you have had a good week. Apologies for the delay in getting your update to you this week I have had a poorly tooth which has slowed me down a little bit!

Thank you for all the picures of fun and interesting things that you have been doing, it is lovely to receive them and they look great on the website.

Keep sharing your brilliant activities and creations, remember, you can include things that aren’t from our topic. Send your emails to:

We are really looking forward to seeing you all again on Zoom this week – I have included the meeting link at the end of this weeks’ email update.

Ideas for Maths

This week, I would really like you to keep practicing your times tables and writing and reading numbers to 100. Can you teach someone at home how to recognise number bonds to 10, 20 and even to 100?

Year 2s don’t forget you can practice your timetables by accessing Timetables rockstars, please email me if you have forgotten your individual login or password.

What about the snappy crocodile we learnt about in maths?
Here is a link to a great game that uses the crocodile symbols to compare numbers. Remember the

crocodile always eats the greatest number. What symbol do we use if the numbers are the same?

For daily lessons ideas in Maths and English visit BBC Bitesize


I have really enjoyed reading the latest adventures of Plucky Pirate Peral, thank you for those and if you haven’t and would like to write one of her adventures then refer back to last week’s update.

This week, have a look at the ‘Topic’ section of the update. You could write a diary as Sir Francis Drake or perhaps a letter to the Queen (Elizabeth I), explaining what has happened and what you have seen on your voyage. I bet life aboard ship for months was both exciting and awful at times! You could do some really detailed (and disgusting) descriptions.

Phonics Fun:

  • Can you label objects around your house with the first sound you can hear? (using post-its, sticky labels or paper) Try to find as many things as you can with special friends. (‘sh’ for shoes)

  • Ask a grown up to write down some of your sounds and put them on the floor. Play some music and when the music stops you have to dash to the sound that is called out. You can play this with tricky words too!

  • A grown up can call out a sound and you have to think of a word with that sound in it. Have a go at writing it down. You could use chalk outside.

  • Use sticks, stones or leaves to make all the letters in your name.

  • Out in the garden, write down everything you can see that starts with ‘s’.

  • Take a pen and paper out for a walk. Can you write down any words that you see? What

    do they say?

  • Make a mud cake and write a list of ingredients and the method.


Who has found out about Sir Francis Drake? Did you know that he is from Tavistock? Look at some portraits of this famous man – what has the artist included in the pictures? Why do you think he has included these? This week you could look at the famous journey that he took and what he saw and experienced on the high seas! Use your map skills to draw a map with a line to show which way he went.

If you need any help or support, do contact me, I would love to hear from you! Best wishes for the week ahead,
Mrs Copson-Ball

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Week 4 Update

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Weekly 4 update – 4th May 2020

Yo ho, ho, ho and a zooming we did go.


Thank you to all of you who made it to the zooming session. It was really good to see you and your wonderful creations. Please continue to email me pictures and I will share them on our school website page:


In addition to the planning menu you may wish to try these additional home learning options:


Creative Thinking/Art and Design: Please can you design a perfect pirate pet.  My cat, while lovely in many ways, gets rather seasick, is frightened of rats and prefers dry land to stormy seas. I need a new pet for next voyage. Please see planning sheet or simply let your imagination run wild!


Maths: Pirate challenges for you to explore. Number bond practice sheets (feel free to do them more than once and try to get a little quicker each time.

One Big Triangle Challenge.  Your challenge is to arrange these triangles to make one big triangle, so the numbers that touch add up to 10. Please see links.


English: For our next Zoom session I’d like to collaborate on the Adventures of Plucky

Pearl. Plucky Pearl is a pirate like no other. Her abilities are bigger and better than any pirate you have ever read about. She is by far the best. The story starts like this:


Far out west on a wild and wonderful sea, there lived a girl called Pearl. Some say she is just a myth and not really real, but I know the truth. Pearl is always ready for the next adventure.


Before that, she…


Early one evening she…


On a dark, stormy night she…


Your challenge, if you would like to, is to write (parents can help scribe) or story board one of Pearl’s adventures.


Here are a couple of examples:

Once, she saved a whole pod of dolphins from the notorious pirate Meany Maud. Meany Maud made the dolphins heave and haul her ship to save money on fuel. The dolphins, for ever grateful to Plucky Pearl, now guide her and her crew towards calm seas and keep watch for other pesky pirates.


Another time, Plucky Pearl rescued a stranded sailor from walking the plank on Red Hat Rob’s pirate ship.


Heave Ho Me’ Hearties!


Please remember that the most important thing right now, is to stay safe. There is no expectation to do any of these tasks, they are just ideas for you. Please have fun.


Mrs Copson-Ball

Class 1 Summer Term Home Learning Menu

Week 3 Update

File icon: pdf KS1 Spring Challenges [pdf 6MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Choosing Units of Measurement Y2 – Measurement – Maths Challenge [pdf 183KB] Click to download
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Week 3 Update

Hello Me-Hearties!

Hope you are all keeping well. It has been great catching up with you this week and I’m looking forward to catching up with some more of you this week on the phone.

Here are a few more ideas to keep you busy.

English and Maths work books:

Maths – BBC Bitesize

 This looks really good. There are sessions suitable for all years.

I really liked this Geography lesson too, all about countries of the United Kingdom! Where would you set up your pirate base?

I’ve also uploaded a year 2 workbook all about measures: Class 1 Documents


Science: Explorify:

Try out their free engaging, creative science activities which have been designed to spark curiosity, discussion and debate. From video to hands-on activities, it’s easy to get Explorifying!

There is one already up on our website which you might be able to have a look at to get going with some home science all about different shoes:

Spring Challenges: Before Spring turns fully into summer you may like to try ticking these challenges off the list: Class 1 Documents

Please feel free to email me things you have been doing and I will put them on the school website to share with everyone. My email address is

For those of you who have requested specific worksheets:

There are links to measurement work tasks on the Class 1 home learning page of the school website.

Dear Parents, Carers and Children,


I hope you are all well and have had an enjoyable Easter holiday. It has been really great to talk to lots of you and to hear about all of the things you are doing. I have been enjoying PE with Joe Wicks and it has been really good to see you from time to time on my runs around the village. 


On this page, you will find our menu of activities for this term. Our topic question is “What Makes Cornwall Special?” and the focus for Class 1 is Pirates. I hope you will enjoy the many creative opportunities this project offers.


The activities are organised into subject areas and, where appropriate, I have tried to include web links to provide information, activities and, I hope, inspiration. I really hope that the children will find the activities enjoyable and useful. Also included are several activities that are based on revision of previously taught skills; this type of practice, together with daily reading if possible, is a very good way to ensure that previous learning continues to be embedded. 

Please remember that home learning should be as enjoyable as possible, if an activity is proving particularly difficult for whatever reason, please move on to something else. 

Good luck with everything and please feel free to contact me on if you have any questions.

My best wishes to you and all of your families, stay safe and enjoy the sun!


Sally Copson-Ball 





N.B. To use any links, please open the PDF below.

Learning Menu

File icon: pdf Calstock Year R, 1 and 2 Topic Menu - Summer 1 [pdf 392KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Year 2 Pirate Maths [pdf 509KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Year 1 Pirate Maths [pdf 1MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Reception Pirate Maths Booklet [pdf 5MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Estimate and Measure year 2 worksheets [pdf 139KB] Click to download
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