Class 1's Makeda Bizuneh Style Houses

Rowan and Esme

To Mrs Copson Ball 

We made African animal masks and made pictures. We like the Tinga tinga tales. We have been making our house pictures and we have been bodyboarding in the sea and went on daddy's surfboard. Love Esmé and Rowan

Lilla's Cooking 

Lilla made supper for today. She chose to make Tomato soup and focaccia bread. It was yummy and she really enjoyed being in charge of the kitchen.

Nancy's African Art 

This one is more along the lines of the African mask theme. Nancy’s great Aunt and Uncle lived in West Africa in the 70,s and we enjoyed a FaceTime call with them to look at their masks and pictures to get some inspiration.

Ori's African inspired Mask 

Kensa's Painting

To Mrs Copson-Ball,


Here is my Tinga Cheetah painting from last week. 


The other picture is of me at a wildlife reserve. I took my camera and enjoyed taking lots of photos there. 



Alannah's Ink Drawings

Today Alannah has been trying out ink drawing/writing with feathers like they used to use before pens! It’s been great fun experimenting!

Ink Drawing

Alannah's new friend

Alannah found this frog in her garden just after our zoom meeting! The recent rain must be very nice for him/her as he was very jumpy with long back legs!

Jame's adventures...

James has been busy climbing tors, tracing art, mask making and cutting shapes to make a picture. He also found a mushroom that was bigger than his head!


Jame's Home learning

Elowen's Volcano Experiment

Dear Mrs Copson-Ball and Class 1


I have made a Volcano this is how I made it.

First I scrunched up newspaper into different sized balls. Then we put it into glue and stuck it around a bottle in the shape of a volcano. 

While the glue was still wet we put some strips of paper over the balls and then put more glue of top of the strips. 

Then we waited for it to dry, it took a few days.

When it had finally dried I painted the sea, the grass and brown for the top of the volcano.  When it had dried I painted lava streams.


Today, we followed a recipe to make lava. 

We added bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to create a chemical reaction. We added soap to make bubbles and food colouring to make it red then blue.

We sent you photos and a video. 


That is how we made a volcano. It was super fun!


Love Elowen 

Kensa's Kandinsky Work

Kensa really enjoyed listening to music while whe was painting. Super pictures Kensa, well done. 

Kensa's Kansinsky painting

Class 1's Kandinski inspired computer art

Bryher's Art Journey 

Lilla's African Inspired Mask

Jackson Pollock inspired cupcakes by Esme and Rowan

Rowan and Esme

We made a Jackson Pollock  picture. We learnt that he painted on the floor and used funny objects to paint with like sticks, nails and syringes. He never touched the paper with them but let the paint drip down. We made lots of mess and it was fun the syringe was the best way to get paint on the paper. 

 Gabriel's Kandinsky inspired art

Rowan and Esme's Art Work

 Lilla's Arty Journey

Lilla has been busy doing art this week.

Lilla has done some pointillism.She has also been thinking about concentric circles having looked at the painting by Kandinsky. She talked about the painting and what it made her think about. Lilla said colourful moons and googly eyes. Lilla likes the square with red orange and pink in the best.

Lilla has had a go at her own Kandinsky painting using pencils. She measured the squares and did the same 4x3 design. Lilla also made a circle picture using a homemade compass with pencil, string and a pin. Lilla has drawn around different size circles and used the overlaps to make a pretty picture.

Lilla has made ad taken some interesting Photographs using concentric circle shaped objects in our home. She took the pictures up close and standing on the table to view from above. Some of the objects were arranged in colour order.
Lilla carefully chose and arranged all her subjects.


Wow Lilla - you have been busy! Thank you for sharing your home learning. 

Lilla's Art Work

Zoe's Art Work

Class 1 Creations


Alannah has been busy looking at the work of Kandinski. She used cut out shapes and then drew over them to cerate detail.