Dear Parents and Carers

Teachers will be starting to teach our SRE (Sex and Relationship Education) programme of study over the rest of the summer term.

Below is a summary of each year group’s content.  Please come and see us if you would like any clarification or further information.  Parents can withdraw their child from the parts of the SRE which fall outside the national curriculum.  

Any parent or carer considering withdrawing their child should discuss this with the class teacher in the first instance and then put any decision to withdraw in writing to Mr Towe by Monday 10th June 2019.

Yours sincerely

Nina Oxenham SRE Coordinator

Year group



Our lives – our day, keeping ourselves clean and families.

Year 1

Growing and caring for ourselves – Keeping clean, growing and changing, families and care

Year 2

Differences – Differences: boys and girls, Differences: Male and Female, Naming the body parts.

Year 3

Valuing difference and keeping safe - Differences: Male and Female, Personal space, family differences.

Year 4

Growing up - Growing and changing, what is puberty? Puberty, changes and reproduction.

Year 5

Puberty – Talking about puberty, male and female changes, puberty and hygiene.

Year 6

Puberty, relationships and reproduction – Puberty and reproduction, understanding relationships, conception and pregnancy.